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Our journey begins with

3 musketeers. a burning boat. pure Passion. 


The Quandry

People just don’t get out there enough. Some live their whole lives, never venturing beyond the safety of their city limits. 


Many of the barriers to travel center around the hassle of the process, pricing, and inconsistencies in hospitality experiences.


"So how do we make travel more accessible and enticing so that more people will be inspired to get out there?”


Say "hello" to WanderJaunt!

We created Wanderjaunt as an eclectic alternative to hotels and your regular 'ol Aibnb and found our niche in short-term vacation rentals.

We deliver quality-consistency, inspired spaces, optimized pricing, and hassle-free services - so that you can get out there!


At WanderJaunt, we believe...

Exceptional hospitality is strongly rooted in empathy, compassion, and the delightful little things.


Travel should be fun, stimulating, and inspiring.


Wherever you are, you should feel like you are there.